First Project Astoria Android port spotted in China (updated with video)


Yesterday, Microsoft open-sourced Project Islandwood – its tool that allows developers to port iOS apps to Windows 10. The company announced that it expects to deliver Project Astoria (the tool that will allow Android developers to bring their Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile) this fall. Now, a Weibo user by the name of “imReker” posted some screenshots of what seems like a ported Android app running on Windows 10 Mobile. Here are some screenshots:












The Android app that was ported to Windows 10 Mobile is a Chinese app which is available on the Google Play Store here. We, unfortunately, can’t confirm if these screenshots are “real”, but they indeed look pretty legit.

For those who don’t know, Project Astoria allows Android developers to bring their apps to Windows 10 Mobile with some minor improvements. For example, the developers would need to change the Google Play Services APIs to similar APIs that are available on Windows 10 Mobile. The company is expected to release the tool in a private beta this fall.

UPDATE: A video showing off the app running on Windows 10 Mobile has been published as well. Take a look:

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Thanks, Patrick W. for the tip!

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