This Is How The New Start Menu In Windows 9 Looks Without Any Live Tiles (Video)

Following the screenshots leak, a new video showing the upcoming Start Menu in action got leaked on the web. The video revealed how the new Start Menu will work, how you can pin/unpin apps from it, how to launch modern apps from it and more. It also revealed that via Start Menu and Task bar properties menu, you can choose whether to use the new Start Menu or the regular Windows 8Start Screen. Another video which you can see above got leaked today. It shows that the new Start Menu is fully customizable to your needs. You can even unpin all the Live Tiles from it and it will turn into a old school Start Menu which you are used to from Windows XP. You will also have recent documents, etc, if it is applicable to the particular app. Again, if you pin a modern app, it will automatically expand.

Windows 9 Start Menu

What do you think of this new feature?

Source: Winfuture