The Verge Senior Editor to use a Windows Phone as daily driver, and its not Tom

imageChris Ziegler, Senior Editor at The Verge, has just posted on the site that he will be using a Nokia Lumia 900 as his regular smartphone, presumably for the next few months.

Saying he “finally convinced myself I can use Mango as my daily driver” and that the Nokia Lumia 800 was the “most beautiful device Nokia has ever made”, and the scaled up Nokia Lumia 900 was as if Nokia “personally made a bespoke phone” just for him, he was willing to give the Nokia Lumia 900 his “undivided attention”, at least for a moment.

Now of course Chris is ultimately likely to only use the Nokia Windows Phone for a few weeks before a shinier Android handset comes along, but I see these experiments as important beachheads by Windows Phone into the small group of technorati that dictate the coverage of smartphones on the internet, which ultimately drives much of what young phone sales representatives who are actually enthusiastic about the products they sell know.

One down, only a few dozen more to go.

Read Chris’s post here.