The power to freeze motion demoed using the Nokia Lumia 928’s Xenon flash

by Surur
May 16, 2013

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NL 920 – no flash NL 920 with LED flash NL 928 with Xenon flash

The Nokia Blog have posted this convincing demo of the power of the Nokia Lumia 928’s Xenon flash to freeze motion in low light.

The first picture of some-one jumping was taken without flash on the Nokia Lumia 920, and as one can expect is a complete blur.

The second is recorded with a Nokia Lumia 920 with its dual LED flash, and  it is much better, but the shutter speed is just not fast enough to prevent blur.

The last picture shows how the fast and powerful Xenon flash in the Nokia Lumia 928 allows such a fast shutter speed that the figure is effectively captured in mid-jump.

In more real world application this will mean you can still expect a perfect picture in low light and will not have to ask people to stand still to prevent blur.

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