The new Password Monitor feature in Microsoft Edge protects your online accounts from hackers

Today, Microsoft introduced a new feature for Edge browser called Password Monitor. The new Password Monitor feature protects your online accounts from hackers by notifying you if the credentials you’ve saved to autofill have been detected on the dark web. Every year, hundreds of millions of online accounts end up for sale on the dark web. So, this is a really useful feature for consumers. If Microsoft Edge finds a match with any of your saved username + passwords, it will notify you to take action.

In the Password Monitor dashboard page in Settings, you can view a list of all leaked credentials and get routed to their respective websites to change your password. If you change the password, you can save the new credential to autofill and continue browsing as usual. Password Monitor will prompt you when your new password is found on the dark web.

Microsoft will roll out Password Monitor feature to the the Insider channels in the next few months.

Source: Microsoft