The Kins are back in town!




The reports of the Kin phones coming back tuned out to be true after all with the devices available for sale on the Verizon wireless website. The Phones have been renamed Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm with the prices at $19.99 for the former and $49.99 for the latter. The data pricing starts at a reasonable $9.99 for 25 MB with a better deal of $15 for 150 MB that you have do dig through to find. The voice plans start at $39.99. Zune pass streaming however is now available only over Wi-Fi . I am curious to see what updates have been made to the OS because the leaked document mentioned the presence of a calendar.

Michael Gillett at, has discovered on the Kin ONE interactive walkthrough that the Kin studio now has a new URL, which may (this is just pure speculation) mean that this devices might become available from other carriers. Typing redirects you to the aforementioned URL. The general consensus seems to be that Verizon is bringing back the phones to sell off the leftover stock but Microsoft already wrote off $240 million and so it doesn’t make sense to me for them to bring back a “failed” product.

I think and again this just my opinion, that Verizon knows they screwed up pricing the Kin phones out of the market and they may be trying to get back in good graces with Microsoft for WP7 phones. Why would they otherwise waste their time with these devices when they seem to be doing pretty well with the Android phones? Verizon must also really have a messed up sense of humor because their “buy one get one free deal” with the Kin TWOm  gives you the LG Ally, an Android based device as the free option???

via engadget

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