The geek’s tech brunch gets spicier with a stunning update to GeekByte




GeekByte for Windows Phone updated to 2.0 with a stunning makeover that innovates over Metro. The change is so significant that every pixel has been reimagined and crafted to provide a beautiful experience to your daily tech feeds. The app builds upon the Windows Phone panorama design, but manipulates the typography in a playful way to allow almost the full screen pixel-estate for the content to glide. The app is all ‘Content over Chrome’, though whether it is truly an incarnation of Metro is debatable. The makers of Designspire has nevertheless continued their efforts in experimenting new reading experiences, and Geekbyte does give some freshness to otherwise similar looking apps.

qrcodeGeekByte allows you to follow feeds from all popular technology sites including Ars Technica, All Things Digital, Engadget, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, LiveSide, Mashable, Pocket Now, 1800 PocketPC, SlashGear, Tech Crunch, WM PowerUser, Windows Phone Team blog and many more.

GeekByte is available for only $1.29 along with a feature limited free trial, and can be found in Marketplace here. The app is not available for phones with 256MB memory.


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