The FCC confirms one of the Samsung Galaxy S10’s coolest features

by Surur
February 3, 2019

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A week ago we wrote that Samsung may be bringing one of Huawei’s coolest feature to the Samsung Galaxy S10 range.

Today the FCC confirmed the feature, and also that it will be more than a gimmick.

Last week a control box for a video demonstration station has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 range will include a feature called Powershare. That would allow an S10 user to charge other devices which use Qi charging, such as recent iPhones, most Galaxy handsets or even some smartwatches.

Such a feature first showed up in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but was pretty slow there to the point of being unusable.

Now FCC documentation has confirmed a capability called “Wireless Power Transfer” that will allow the Samsung Galaxy S10 to “receiv[ing] or transmit[ting] an AC power signal through magnetic induction (MI) or magnetic resonance (MR).”

More importantly, the documentation confirms a maximum power output of 9W, which is in the wireless fast charging range (not as fast as 15w chargers, but much better than the usual 5W charger.)

Given that Qi wireless charging is now very pervasive, I suspect many of us will soon be asked if we could lend a few watts to a friend.


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