The Elder Scrolls: Blades set to leave Early Access

by Ash
May 11, 2020
the elder scrolls blades

The next update for Bethesda’s dungeon-crawler, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, will bring the game out of Early Access as well as introducing several new features.

Update 1.7 will also introduce six never-before-seen quests, a brand new questline in the same vein as Blades’ PvP Arena mode, additional rewards for Arena players, and the introduction of Guild Leaderboards.

If you’ve been playing in Arena mode, just be aware that Update 1.7 is set to reset the PvP leaderboards. However, you’ll be rewarded with Gems, Health Potions, and Chests based on how high your Arena level is. Elite players will even receive a unique helm.

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If you’ve been playing Blades while it’s in Early Access, you’ll also receive a special thank you gift after Update 1.7 hits. If you’ve yet to get into the game but love free stuff, you still have a little time left until the update hits –  and you can play Blades for free on the Apple App Store here and on the Google Play Store here.

For more information on Update 1.7, you can check out the official blog post about it by following the link here.

In related news, Blades should be finally coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime this spring. The game should also be receiving ports for PlayStation 4 and PC at some point in the future, but release dates for these are unknown.

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