The best Windows Mixed Reality headset is now on sale

Microsoft is currently selling a wide range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets, but the best of the lot appears to be the Samsung Odyssey,

For one, the screen has two 1440 x 1600 screens, slightly higher than the standard 1440 x 1440 screen per eye in the other devices. The screen is also OLED, which makes for much better contrast levels than the LED screens in the cheaper devices, and offers 110 degree field of view. The headset also features built-in AKG headphones and dual-array mikes but still lets you plug in your own headphones.

The headset is apparently also one of the most comfortable to wear.

All of these specs will cost you, with the headset plus controllers costing a cool $499, setting a new high water mark for WMR headsets.

If the advantages however seem worth it the headset is now finally available to order from the store (where it appears sold out) and also to pick up from the physical Windows Stores.

See it online at Microsoft here.

Via Neowin