The Art of Halo Infinite book available to pre-order now

July 27, 2020

If there’s one thing about the Halo reveal last week that was incredibly tantalising – outside of its awesome gameplay – it was the return of the classic Halo art style. If you like art, The Art of Halo Infinite is now available to pre-order. 

The Art of Halo Infinite is currently available to pre-order on Amazon right now in hardcover form for a whopping asking price of £28.15/$39.99. The hardcover book is currently set for release on December 29.

Here’s a description of the upcoming Art of Halo Infinite book followed by a look at its cover:

343 Industries have given Dark Horse access to the art and artists who’ve brought Halo Infinite to vibrant, vivid life. It’s all here in unparalleled detail, the heroes you’ve grown to love–the Master Chief, the brave soldiers of the UNSC, as well as the weapons, vehicles, villains and vistas–and of course, the eponymous and magnificent environments of Halo itself.

The Art of Halo Infinite

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