A month ago we reported that Tesla was relaunching their Tesla Solar product, which would let home owners rent solar panels out with no long-term contract or upfront costs.  In the “Rent solar” program, users can pay as little as $50/month in exchange for a solar panel energy source.

The scheme is a month-to-month agreement; so as long as you pay the monthly cost, you’ll have renewable energy at your disposal.

The only catch was that if you really hated the solar panels on your roof it would cost $1500 to remove them.

Today even that barrier disappeared,  with Musk tweeting that the removal fee would be waived for buyers who signed up in September.

Here are the base fees and projected returns in the markets, depending on location:

StateMonthly Rental, $ (small)Estimated Annual Generation, $Net, $
New Jersey50600-80020-180
New Mexico50700-900100-270

On offer are 3.8 kW, 7.6 kW and 11.4 kW solar panels.  The 3.8 kW panels produce an average of 9-12 kWh per day.

Before the incentive was introduced, the system was on sale for $9,500.  SolarCity also leased out solar panel systems to homeowners and sold the generated electricity- but the upfront cost was regarded as too expensive in general.

Before the waiver the removal cost of $1,500 almost obliged you to persist with the scheme once it’s installed- though you can keep the panels in without using or paying for them.

Musk called the deal money for nothing, saying

We must agree that if you qualify, the deal seems almost irresistible.

Read all the terms and conditions for the offer here.