Tesla has not completely closed the purchase yet on their new Berlin-based Gigafactory 4 site, where we heard the company plans to eventually produce 750,000 EVs per year, but already plans for its opening appears to be accelerating.

We heard in December that Tesla plans to open the new car factory towards the end of 2021, according to a report by  Agriculture Minister Axel Vogel.

Now in an article by Manager Magazin based in documents Tesla filed with local German regulators the first electric cars are scheduled to roll off the assembly line in July 2021, for a total of 500,000 per year.

Despite the purchase of the land not being completed work has already started on clearing the site by cutting an access way into the forested region.  Work is, however, being impeded by a small number of protestors who have also expressed concern about local pollution and water usage.  They may be happy to hear that, according to Tesla’s filings, they do not plan to produce battery cells on-site, but will merely be assembling battery packs from cells produced elsewhere, at least initially.  This should also help Tesla get up and running soon.

It seems Telsa is hoping to replicate their Gigafactory 3 success in Germany. The process would be a good barometer of how receptive Europe is to the creation of industrial jobs, with Tesla promising to employee 12,000 at the site.