In October last year, Elon Musk unveiled the 3rd generation of their Tesla Solar Roof tiles.

Designed for new or replacement roofs, Musk said the Solar Roof looks like conventional high-quality roof tiles and is cheaper than a new roof and a separate roof-mounted solar system.  It featured improved power density, meaning 50% fewer solar tiles are needed, which helps bring down the cost.

Private installations of the new Solar Roof as finally started, and Austin Flack has just posted one of the first reviews of the procurement and installation process.

Austin notes that at $33,749 the Tesla Solar Roof was only about $3000  more expensive than a new roof (which he needed) and an appropriately sized Tesla solar panel system, and still featured a 25-year warranty and installation backed by Tesla.

Tesla has ambitions to install 1000 units per week, but I suspect they are still quite a bit off from that.

If you are planning a new roof you can get in line by starting an order now.