After a bit of teasing Elon Musk today unveiled the 3rd generation of their Tesla Solar Roof tiles.

Designed for new or replacement roofs, Musk says the Solar Roof is cheaper than a new roof and a separate roof-mounted solar system. In fact, Musk says this will be true in about 80% of cases which is pretty confident.

The latest generation has improved power density, meaning 50% fewer solar tiles are needed, which helps bring down the cost.

That does not mean the roof is cheap – Tesla estimates a typical Solar Roof will still cost about $33,950 with a 25-year warranty.

Telsa will initially be doing the installation themselves, and aim to complete the whole job in just 8 hours.

Currently, only the Black Glass Tile style is available, but Tesla hopes to bring the Clay Tile design to market in 6 to 9 months, with other variants arriving at the same pace.

If you are planning a new roof you start ordering now, with first installations starting in a few weeks.