Earlier today Tesla unveiled their new CyberTruck and to say the Tesla Cybertruck design is divisive is an understatement.  The vehicle, which is all sharp corners and angles, looks cheap, ugly and unfinished.

Watching the official unveiling of the truck has however allowed Elon Musk’s reality distortion field to do its magic on me, and I am now completely sold on the vehicle.

In the video, Musk makes it clear that the truck was designed for utility and work, not for mounting the kerb at the shopping mall. Featuring a stainless-steel shell which can not be dented with a sledgehammer and armoured glass, the shell is rather designed to last decades than to look good in the driveway.

Air suspension as standard gives the truck best in class 16 inch ground clearance, which means you can drop down low on the freeway and rise to 16-inch clearance off-road.

Tesla Cybertruck comes with up to 3,500 pounds and still supports acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and up to 500 miles of range.

The full specs can be seen in our post here, but more importantly is Elon Musk’s ability to reframe the design from ugly to super-strong and secure, making a joke of Ford F150 owners who are afraid of people scratching their car.

Watch the official unveiling below to change how you think about trucks forever.

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Tesla Cybertruck images:

Tesla single motor RWD will start at only $39,900 and can pre-order Tesla Cybertruck here by paying $100 deposit.

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