Tesla releases stunning video to celebrate the start of Model Y deliveries

by Atiya
March 16, 2020

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Tesla recently commenced deliveries of its Model Y in the US.  To accompany its release, Tesla released a video which takes you on a journey from the assembly line to the open road, where the Model Y is seen facing some harsh conditions.

Check it out below:

YouTube player

The Tesla Model Y is about 10% larger than the Tesla Model 3, with a drag coefficient of 0.23Cd, and has about 75% of the same components.  It features a panoramic sunroof and an optional 7 seater layout.

The vehicle also packs a 15w wireless phone charger, a heat pump for internal heating, and also a powered liftgate.

There are Standard Range, Long Range (315 miles, $52,990), Dual Motor and Performance (315 miles, $60,990) models available, though not all models will be available initially.

View details of the vehicle or purchase it from Tesla’s website here.

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