Tesco Extra Stores In The UK To Sell Xbox One Console On Launch Day



Tesco UK yesterday announced that Tesco will be selling stock on a first come first served basis at more than 100 of its Extra stores from midnight on Thursday Nov 21. It will also be available online whilst stocks last.Tesco Xbox Extra

Also consumers will be able to try out the new console for themselves at the following stores: Cheshunt Extra on Friday Nov 22; Coventry Extra on Saturday Nov 23 and Slough on Sunday Nov 24. Tesco is also celebrating the launch event by altering the signs on the front of 10 of its stores to include the Xbox logo as you can see in the image above.

Tesco Home Entertainment Manager Stephen Owusu said,

“The launch of the Xbox One is a massive event for millions of gamers around the world and the console is sure to top many Christmas present lists this year.

“The last Xbox console – the Xbox 360 – was launched eight years ago so there has been a lot of expectation and talk from gamers about this latest version. If the US launch is anything to go by these will fly off the shelves.

“We have worked closely with Microsoft to ensure we have a good quantity of initial stock but we will be getting more as we get nearer to Christmas.”

Tesco is selling the Xbox One for £429.

Source: TESCO

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