Telstra replacing Nokia C5 with Nokia Lumia 520



WPDownUnder reports that Nokia is unsurprisingly End of Lifing the Nokia C5 Symbian smartphone, which resembles a dumb phone more than a modern smartphone.

Surprisingly however it appears from leaked media that Telstra is suggesting customers who may have opted for the $230 Nokia C5 to switch to a Nokia Lumia 520 instead.

The handset, which is yet to be released, will likely be around the same price as the retiring Nokia C5, but of course has a radically different form factor and user experience.

It would be interesting to see if Windows Phone could pick up customers from such a direct swap, but it is of note than Nokia still sold 2 million Symbian handsets in Q4 2012, indicating that there remains a market there for Windows Phone to go after.

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