Telegram Desktop for Windows 11 gets updated with a bunch of new features

October 6, 2022

Telegram Desktop app on Windows 11 has received an update recently, taking the version to 4.2.4 and adding new several new features and noteworthy changes.

The newest version of the Telegram Desktop app has thousands of custom emojis for Premium users. For regular users, Telegram gives access to dozens of new relations, some of which were previously reserved for Premium users. It also comes with a reaction management feature, allowing group admins to control whether custom reactions are allowed in their groups.

Premium users have also got a ton of new features, including the ability to add an animated emoji status next to their names and more. The updated Telegram Desktop app also comes with improvements and other important changes. You can learn all about them in detail in the complete official changelog below.


Telegram Desktop update

Previously, Telegram added several new features to its Windows 11 desktop app, including a new download manager, a new live streaming experience, the ability to create a unique @username from the Settings page, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Telegram Premium gives you access to exclusive new features besides infinite emojis. One of the most useful features is free unlimited storage in the Telegram Cloud. Also, subscribers can send files of up to 4GB in size. You can learn more about Telegram Premium from here and here.

Are you using Telegram Desktop regularly? If yes, let us know in the comments if these features are of any use to you.

Telegram Desktop
Telegram Desktop
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