Telegram client Unigram for Windows 10 goes missing from the Store, website taken offline

May 29, 2018

Unigram, one of the best messaging app for Windows 10 users who use Telegram, and it’s just gone missing from the Microsoft Store.

Users who attempt to download the app will be met with a page error, noting the app’s unavailability. While this appeared initially linked to Microsoft’s threat to unpublish the app for copyright violations, it may not be as cut and dried as it appears.

According to Dr Windows, the app has been temporarily pulled due to an attempt to unpublish it from the Chinese Microsoft Store which led to a global unpublishing. While that sounds like an appealing solution, its not clear entirely that that’s what happened.

We haven’t been able to confirm that from postings on the official Unigram Twitter account, or from the developer cited in the report. The website for Unigram has also gone offline and redirects to nothing.

If the Dr Windows report is correct, the app should be restored within the coming days, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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