Microsoft is removing Telegram app Unigram from the Store because reasons

March 28, 2018

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Microsoft’s ever-evolving store policies are about to claim another beloved third-party Windows App — Unigram.

The developer for Unigram was met with a nasty surprise today, warning him that his app was at risk of being removed from the Microsoft Store due to not being published by a company or business account.

While Unigram has been in the Microsoft Store for years, this abrupt change comes as a result of a change in policies which requires apps that have app-specific authentication to be published from a company or business account.

Without a business account, Unigram will be removed from the Store by the 11th of April. The app is a well designed one, and is one of the few Windows apps to support “My People”.

You can download Unigram from the Microsoft Store here, for now.

Unigram—Telegram for Windows
Unigram—Telegram for Windows
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