Teams will finally allow you to leave meetings across multiple devices with “a single tap” this August

August 24, 2022

One thing we love about Microsoft Teams here at MSPowerUser is how it seamlessly allows us to use it on different devices during our daily online huddle. I can access it on my desktop, and when I need to move around the house, I can just simply use my phone to enter the meeting. Easy! What’s not so easy, though, is leaving the discussion afterward, which pretty much makes the feature a little bit repulsive. Well, that is about to change with Microsoft’s plan to add a new feature in Teams, allowing you to leave any meeting on any device with just “a single tap.”

Microsoft has finally realized the Teams feature we are all yearning for in a roadmap we spotted this August on its website. According to the page, the new feature with a feature ID of 97397 is now under the general availability release phase after being added to the roadmap last August 8. Soon, it will be available for different platforms where we access Teams: desktop, web, iOS, Mac, and Android.

“When a Teams user has joined a meeting using multiple personal devices, they can encounter friction when leaving the meeting, including forgetting to leave the meeting on one of their many devices,” Microsoft describes the feature on its roadmap page. “This functionality allows Teams users to leave a meeting from all their devices with a single tap.”

The feature is anticipated to arrive before the month ends, meaning there are only a few days left before the company can finalize it. The description in the roadmap doesn’t describe what the feature would look like or where users can access this function, but wherever Microsoft puts the button for it, we are just thankful it is finally coming.

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