Teams for Education has new home page, tablet support for creating assignments

August 25, 2022

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To welcome students and teachers coming back to school this year, Microsoft launches new updates to Teams for Education, specifically a new home page and the ability to now use iPad and Android tablets for Reading Progress assignments.

Teams is a very handy communication tool for professionals like us, but Microsoft also wants to make it useful to other fields like education. With this, the company continuously gives Teams for Education new features to further improve its performance and capabilities. Probably the biggest thing in the update that will please every educator using the app is the support for iPad and Android tablets when creating or reviewing assignments. Previously, the tasks could only be performed on desktop PCs, Mac, and web browsers. While the capability was long overdue, it can make things much easier for teachers, who need flexibility when juggling several tasks at once.

New Microsoft Teams for Education Home Page
New Microsoft Teams for Education Home Page

Microsoft is also releasing a new home page to all class teams users this week. The main objective of the page is to give educators a central place where they can have access to all important materials for their profession, such as the latest announcements, pinned class resources, upcoming assignments, recently edited class files and more. When you launch it, Teams will pull in any assignments, virtual class meetings, or files added, and teachers can make relevant customizations to it.

“The rest can be customized by selecting Edit before you publish. Add fun images, additional sections, or key information about you and your class,” says Microsoft in its blog post. “Only educators can make changes to the class home page, so you have control over what’s shared. And because it’s all customizable, you can set it up to your liking before admitting students to Teams at the start of the school year.”

Apparently, the page will also benefit students as it will give them a place to locate information for their classes easily. And as a mom with a kid using Teams for Education, it is a relief as it means a lesser need to bug the teacher for frequent updates.

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