Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) support comes to Visual Studio Code


13, 2017

Microsoft has now added support for Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) in Visual Studio Code through the updated v1.116.0 release of the Visual Studio Team Services extension. TFVC will work for both Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 2 (or later) and Team Services. This support will enable users to work with their TFVC repositories from Visual Studio Code. This extension also allows VS Code users to get the updated status of repository’s related builds along with the capability to browse work items assigned to them or from their personal queries. The current version of this extension supports following features,

  • Execute all basic version control actions such as add, delete, rename, move, etc.
  • View local changes and history for your files
  • Include and Exclude changes (and move files between the two states)
  • Merge conflicts from updates
  • Check-in and update local files
  • Associate work items to check-ins
  • Provides an integrated TFVC Output window
  • Support for a TFS proxy
  • Supports workspaces created with Visual Studio (via tf.exe) or the JetBrains IDEs and Eclipse (via the Team Explorer Everywhere Command Line Client)

You can learn more about it here.

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