Tasks app in Microsoft Teams is getting this nice update

August 8, 2023

Microsoft is working on a little something on the Tasks app in Microsoft Teams, as spotted on a recent entry from the Microsoft 365 Roadmap site. This way, you can see only the tasks that are relevant to you. Nothing else, nothing more.

Updated under Feature ID 135561, Redmond engineers are adding a new feature to the mobile version of its task management app that will make it easier for users to focus on tasks in their area of work. Billed as “Tasks in my area,” the feature will allow you to filter your tasks to a specific bucket or set of buckets.

Microsoft promises to expect the feature to rollout in November 2023 for iOS and Android users. It will be available to all Microsoft Teams users worldwide, regardless of their cloud instance or platform.

Buckets are a way to organize tasks in the Tasks app and Microsoft Planner. They can be used to group tasks by project, department, or any other criteria that makes sense for the user.

For example, a sales representative might have a bucket for all of their sales tasks, a bucket for all of their marketing tasks, and a bucket for all of their administrative tasks. With the new “Tasks in My Area” feature, the sales representative could easily filter their tasks to only see the tasks that are in their sales bucket.

Not too long ago, Microsoft also rebranded Windows 11 chat app to Microsoft Teams (free), after just two years of introducing it in Windows 11. Starting Build 25921 from the Canary Channel, the rebrand is only for the name, so no change in functionality.

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