Tango coming to China in March, lose Xbox Live, Facebook and Twitter features

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Chinese Windows Phone website WPDang has broken some more news about the increasingly scooped Windows Phone Tango update.

Apparently all Mango devices can be updated to Tango, and in China special modifications will be included.

These changes include :

  • Tango of China would have the Xbox Live function removed
  • WeiBo (Chinese version of Twitter) and RenRen (Chinese version of Facebook) would be used to replace Twitter and Facebook which cannot be accessed in China
  • Bing search result would be based on a combination of Bing and BaiDu, the Chinese no.1 search engine

Tango will be announced at Mobile World Congress 2012 and will launch in Beijing in  China at an event in the 3rd week of March, attended by HTC, Nokia, ZTE and LG. The OEMS will be showing their Tango-powered devices off there.

It is not clear if the Chinese Marketplace will open at the same time, but when it does there will be 2 additional methods besides paying by credit card to pay for apps.

Read more at wpdang.com here.

It sounds as if the Windows Phone experience will be quite different in many ways in China.  Hopefully it will still however serve to open up the potential market for Marketplace developers and generally boost the Windows Phone volume which is so important for confidence in the platform.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster.