Tado° app for Windows Phone updated with connectivity fixes


31, 2015


Tado° has released a minor update for its official Windows Phone app. The latest update fixes connectivity issues with the app, which addresses a major frustration some users are experiencing. The update also brings bug fixes and and improves security.

The tado° heating app enables an intelligent heating system for your home and saves up to 31% on heating costs automatically via smartphone: the heat is turned down when the last person has left the house. Just before somebody comes home tado° turns up the heat. Additionally, the heating control by tado° is adaptive and accounts for the weather forecast and for heating properties of your home (i.e. insulation, window surface area). With tado°, you save up to 31% on energy and heating costs.

The latest update, version is now live on the Windows Phone Store and you can grab it from here.

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