T-Mobile UK Samsung Omnia 7 Mango update still in testing


29, 2011

Author Surur // in News

Impatient Samsung Omnia 7 owners may have to hang on a bit longer if they are on T-Mobile UK.

According to their support on twitter the Mango update is still in testing, and will be rolled out as soon as this is complete.

Omnia 7 owners should however be relatively used to this, as the same happened for the NoDo Update.

Samsung omners who are thinking of forcing the update may also want to hold off, as there are reports that the update will bring Mango but not the current firmware, which means some features such as the compass may not work properly at all.  We have had other reports that firmware updates were sent at a later date which improved the experience significantly.

As usual, it seems the OEM with the coolest-looking devices are having the most issues with the updates.

Thanks Craig for the tip.

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