Synaptics Announces Touch-Sensitive Space Bar Technology With Gesture Control For Desktops And Notebooks


SmartBar features a touch-sensitive spacebar that gives users a new edge and sense of control. SmartBar offers a variety of innovative and programmable functionality to the underutilized spacebar. As the natural resting spot for the thumbs, users can now use SmartBar touch gestures for rapid editing of text, simplified zoom, or any number of customizable functions enabled by the provided macro editor. Speed and productivity are made possible with SmartBar in uses such as performance gaming and office programs.

Designed specifically for desktop PCs and notebooks, Synaptics’ SmartBar technology is a first-to-market solution that adds unique touch gesture features to the keyboard space bar, providing OEMs with the ability to create and deploy products that enhance productivity and usability for consumers.

Key SmartBar Features:

  • Rapid Editing – A single-thumb swipe gesture on the space bar can be programmed to select an entire word – forwards or backwards in the document – for rapid editing of text.
  • Effortless Zooming – A double-thumb pinch or expand gesture on the space bar zooms in or out on a document or image for effortless zooming.
  • Programmable Logical Buttons – SmartBar can be configured with up to five logical buttons, each of which can be programmed to execute a macro using the included macro editor. This provides shortcuts to critical game controls or repetitive desktop functions.

SmartBar is available now for OEM integration. Hopefully, we will see some Windows 10 PCs with this new technology.