Swapchat, a 3rd party Snapchat client for Windows Phone, now in closed beta


31, 2013

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It seems there is a new mood amongst Windows Phone developers, with the community now no longer sitting and waiting for the big apps to arrive, but going straight out and making them.

The Instagram issue has I think now pretty much been solved by Instance, and now developer SRC Apps seems well on the way to solving the Snapchat issue.

Snapchat is a very popular photo and video sharing service which differentiates itself by only allowing users to view a photo or video for up to 10 seconds maximum before it is permanently deleted, making communication very ephemeral, and making sharing a bit more fun and less inhibited.

As of yet the service is only available for iOS and Android but SRC Apps have managed to reverse engineer the client and produce a pretty full featured version for Windows Phone.

The app supports creating an account, adding friends, viewing photos and video and also sending  photos but not video, due to API issues with Windows Phone.

The app also features a Live Tile with a tally of your unread messages.

The app should hit the market soon for around $1.29 with a free trial, and future versions will hopefully address the video sending issue. The app supports both Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.

With Windows Phone finally getting a viable Snapchat client, are there any other outstanding issues developers should be turning their attention to? Let us know below.

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