Survey finds Windows Phone users least likely to switch to iPhone 6

imageA survey published by research company Survata has found Windows Phone users are least likely to fall for the charms of the rumoured larger iPhone 6.

In fact they found, besides iPhone users, the whole mobile ecosystem was somewhat apathetic regarding to the handset.

5% of Android users said they were “very likely” to switch to the iPhone 6, while 6% of Blackberry owners and only 3% of Windows Phone owners said the same thing.

In contrast 36 percent of iPhone 5 owners said they were "very likely" to upgrade.  Even brand new iPhone 5S (18%) and iPhone 5C (15% owners were desperate to get the bigger screen experience.

Survata said they were "surprised by the utter lack of interest in Android owners switching over to the new iPhone" but given that Apple’s new offering, with a big 720P screen and NFC mobile payments are only offering what they had for a number of years, we are not.

Are any of our readers “very likely” to switch to an iPhone 6? Let us know why in the comments below.