Survey find good early interest in Windows 8, 29% wants to buy a W8 tablet

imageA telephone survey of 1,186 US adults performed by GFK USA between the October 19– 23, 2012 found significant interest in Windows 8 even before Microsoft’s $1.5 billion advertising blitz.

They survey busted the strange views held by many in the media that no home users used Windows, with 80% of respondents using Windows PCs and laptops at home, and only 12% using Apple computers.

The survey was completed before Microsoft launched their media blitz, and then 52% had not heard about the OS, and 46% had. Of those who had 35% thought it would make Windows better and only 9% thought it would make it worse.

From the same group 3% were extremely interested and 9% very interested in purchasing a new laptop or desktop running the OS, and 25% were somewhat interested, for a total of 37% of consumers.

At the same time 29% of consumers were extremely or somewhat interested in buying a Windows 8 tablet.

All of this should of course be placed in the context of a lack of any advertising from Microsoft, which is sure to rapidly increase these numbers.

The full survey results can be seen here.