Surprise – HP Elite X3 seems to be heading to Verizon



We have seen on occasion that Microsoft’s OEMs are more enthusiastic about their Windows phone products that Microsoft themselves, and while for Microsoft Windows Phone is now immaterial, it seems Windows OEM HP is still seeing a future for products based on the OS.

HP introduced the HP Elite X3 more than a year ago, and at the time many fans were disappointed that it only supported GSM bands.  Now, however, it appears HP has been applying for new certification for the device which includes explicit support for Verizon.

The certifications include new submissions to the FCC, WIFI Org and Bluetooth SIG, suggesting this is indeed a project the company is planning to pursue.

It is not known when the device will become available, but the arrival of the device would offer a welcome alternative to the aged Lumia 735, the only Windows Phone currently being offered on the network.

Those looking forward to the arrival of the device can read our full review of the GSM version here.

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