All Surface Studios, including the most expensive $4200 version, sold out [Updated]


The Surface Studio is a pretty expensive piece of kit, meaning many of those interested would have waited to read the reviews before splashing out between $2999 for the cheapest and $4,199 for the most expensive configuration.

Those people would have missed out now, as it appears all stock of Microsoft’s most desirable 2:1 PC has already sold out.

Delivery is now also a more vague “early 2017” when earlier the core i5 version was set to ship much earlier in December.

Of course only time will tell if the reckless who jumped in without looking was wise, but commentators can certainly no longer argue that Microsoft has priced itself out of the market.

You can still register your interest at the Microsoft Store here.

Update: Microsoft is now again taking pre-orders for 1TB / Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM / 2GB GPU and 2TB / Intel Core i7 – 32GB RAM / 4GB GPU SKUs. Pre-order it soon here to get delivery in early 2017.

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