Surface Pro LTE battery life and more details revealed



Earlier today, we reported that the upcoming Surface Pro LTE device will be available for order from December 1st. Neowin confirmed that Surface Pro LTE will be available in two different models. One with Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and the other one with Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD. During a session at Ignite conference today, Surface engineering team has revealed more details about this upcoming LTE version of Surface Pro. Read the highlights below.

  • The LTE version of Surface Pro will be based on Qualcomm X16 Gigabit Class LTE modem. It will support up to 450 mbps.
  • Microsoft has integrated the modem directly on the motherboard.
  • They have optimized the sleep and hibernate states of the device to be more efficient when on LTE.
  • The video playback battery life on a Surface Pro LTE device will be same as that of Surface Pro WiFi model.
  • If you use LTE network exclusively on the Surface Pro device, you will get about 90% battery life of a WiFi model.
  • They have built 7 LTE antennas for great connectivity.
  • Unlike your LTE smartphones, there will be a single Surface Pro LTE model for the entire world. So, any 4G LTE network around the world will support Surface Pro LTE. They are now getting certifications from various carriers around the world.
  • Surface Pro LTE will support e-SIM and enterprise organizations can provision them using MDM.

At the Future Decoded conference in London next month, Microsoft hardware chief Panos Panay will be delivering a keynote. It is widely expected that Microsoft will officially announce the availability details on the Surface Pro LTE device at this event.

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