Microsoft is reportedly launching a new Surface in London next month


6, 2017

Microsoft has been rumored to be working on a new Surface Book for a while now. The company introduced the new Surface Laptop and a new Surface Pro earlier this year, but we are still expecting another new Surface device from the company later this year. And that could be happening next month.

Microsoft is holding its enterprise-focused Future Decoded conference in London later next month, starting from the 31st of October and ending on the 1st of November. The event will feature a number of top Microsoft executives, but this time Microsoft’s Panos Panay will also be holding a keynote at the conference. Panay has been the face of Microsoft’s Surface business for years, and The Verge reports that the company will indeed launch a new Surface device at Future Decode in London late next month.

At this point in time, there isn’t much known about the Surface Book 2017. It’s not clear whether Microsoft is planning a minor refresh that only packs the usual set of upgrades, or if it’s going to launch a major new upgrade to the Surface Book line. The original Surface Book launched in 2015, so it’s due for a pretty major upgrade and it’ll certainly be interesting to see whether Microsoft will be able to meet fan expectations.

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