Surface Pen’s performance is better on the Surface Studio

Surface Pen Colors

Microsofts Surface Studio was announced last week to much fanfare. Featuring the body of an All in One PC, much like Microsoft’s other Windows 10 device like the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, it bucks that staid old norm by allowing users to draw all over the screen with a new Surface Dial and an improved Surface Pen.

Due to the focus in the improved Surface Pen, questions were raised as to whether Microsoft had improved the hardware of the Surface Pen or debuted a new pen like it did with the past generations of Surface. It turns out the answer to that question is no, the Surface Pen for the Surface Studio is the same pen that we’ve known and loved for the past year and a bit. Instead, the Surface Pen will have an improved performance on the Studio due to the technology built into the Studio.

A Microsoft spokesperson told MSPU that “the technology in the pen hasn’t changed, but pen enhancements are linked to the new devices themselves. So [it is the] same Surface Pen but improved performance with the technology built into Surface Studio.”

What this means is that you should be able to grab your legacy Surface Pens that shipped with te Surface Pro 4 and Book and use them to scribble on the Surface Studio. As Microsoft’s pen improvements are mostly tied to the hardware and firmware of the Studio, you should be able to use your older pens on the upcoming device should you choose to.

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