“Surface Note” concept brings Microsoft’s foldable phone patent to stunning life

by Surur
June 18, 2017

These days we don’t post many Windows Phone concepts very often, given the state of the OS, but today we had to make an exception to bring our readers the stunning work of Ryan Smalley, who brought Microsoft’s visionary patent for a foldable phone/tablet to life.

His Surface Note concept runs Windows 10 with an adaptive shell, features an edgeless screen on both halves of the foldable device, and includes depth-sensing cameras with support for mixed reality and also support for the Surface Pen.

Promoting the device more as a very mobile Surface than a phone replacement, such a premium device would likely see pretty good adoption, if not the millions of sales we normally expect from a high-end phone.

It is not clear if such a device will ever come to market from Microsoft, but it is inevitable that the smartphone industry itself will get there eventually.

See the images in full resolution at Behance here.

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