Surface Neo shows up in new Ryan Reynolds movie

by Surur
November 14, 2021

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In October 2019 Microsoft announced the Surface Neo, a Windows 10X powered dual-screened tablet that would be paired with the Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone.

The Surface Duo was eventually released a year later, but the Microsoft Surface Neo never actually made it to market, though Microsoft insisted the device was merely delayed, not cancelled, with Panos Panay saying:

“Neo is delayed. I wanted the right time to bring that product with the right experience. We believe in that concept and form factor and size. It will be a beautiful complement to Duo with Windows and I’m excited about it. It’s a product that’s near and dear to my heart.”

Two years later,  and with Windows 10X cancelled,  I think it is pretty safe to say the device will not be on sale any time soon. Despite this, the device has made an unexpected appearance in a newly released movie – Ryan Reynolds vehicle Red Notice.

There the convertible tablet is used to run a deep fake app which is used to defeat the biometric security of a vault hiding a treasure.

The movie was developed in 2020, and it seems likely Microsoft arranged the product placement before their sudden changes in plans.

The movie is reminiscent of some Windows Phones occasionally showing up in movies and TV programs, but I think it is safe to say this story will not have a twist ending.

via Reddit.

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