Surface Mobile Mouse discounted at Amazon

by Rahul
April 17, 2021

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Amazon is selling the Surface Mobile Mouse at a discounted price. To be more specific, the Surface Mobile Mouse is now available at a price point of $31.99, down from its original price point of $34.99. This $3 discount is available only on the Silver variant of the product. The Cobalt Blue variant is also $2.11 cheaper than its original price — it’s now available at a price point of $32.88.

The Surface Mobile Mouse is slim, light (78g including 2 AAA alkaline batteries) and it is designed to conform to either hand. It’s based on Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy technology, so you don’t need any dongle to connect it to your Surface device. Thanks to Microsoft’s proprietary BlueTrack Technology, it is dynamically adaptable to 4000 frames per second and tracking speed up to 30 inches per second.

You can buy the Surface Mobile Mouse here from Amazon.

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