Surface Duo shows up on Twitter with a Pro X style Slim pen

July 10, 2020

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Microsoft is expected to launch the Surface Duo soon and the company is doing everything to tease the device ahead of the launch. The company hasn’t been vocal about the progress of Surface Duo but we have seen Microsoft officials flaunting Surface Duo on social media.

Now, Frank X. Shaw (via WindowsUnited), Lead Communications at Microsoft has posted a couple of photos showing his baking skills with a Surface Duo on the side. The images show the use of dual-screens as the left screen has all the Notebooks from OneNote while the right screen has a page opened with the recipe. More importantly, the image also shows the device with a Surface Pro X style Slim pen.

The second picture shows the dual-screen multitasking ability of the device, with a browser window on the left and OneNote on the right.

It also appears for the first time to show an LED flash on the front-facing camera.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed if the device will come with a pen included but the latest image does confirm pen support. Microsoft may bundle a Pro X style slim Surface Pen along with Duo or the company could also sell Surface Pen separately as they do for other Surface hardware. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what Microsoft might do but we do hope that the pen is bundled along with the device, especially since Duo will cost over $1,000 at launch.

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