Surface Duo camera to get a major update


27, 2020

We wrote this morning that the Surface Duo is due to get its first monthly update in around 2 weeks, and now we have learned of some of the features which are being tested right now for the October update for the Surface Duo.

The update is apparently very camera-focused, with the following improvements coming:

  • Image Refiner : We assume this is an AI-based automatic image optimiser
  • Photo Solid : Microsoft was reportedly working on 3D scanning with the camera, and we wonder if this is related.
  • Improved Electronic Image Stabilization 
  • zzHDR:  A live preview of the HDR image without any shutter lag.
  • Multi-Frame support.

Microsoft is also reportedly looking to fix performance issues, issues with gesture interface and app crashes.

The Surface Duo seems to be slowly winning over Microsoft fans, and if Microsoft can adequately address the Surface Duo’s weakest point, its camera feature, the handset actually has a chance of becoming somewhat popular.

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Source: WindowsLatest

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