Surface Duo 2 is out of stock in several markets

January 9, 2023

Surface Duo 2 has been out of stock for weeks, as customers from various markets noticed. Microsoft also confirmed it by saying it is “aware supply is currently falling short of demand in several markets,” but didn’t clarify if the device production has already ended. (via Windows Central)

The situation was recently discussed on Reddit after one of the users shared to receive a refund offer after sending a Surface Duo 2 to Microsoft for replacement. One user said not getting the offer but was notified through an email that there would be a delay.

“We continue to anticipate a longer than normal fulfillment time for your service order, as a result you may experience a delay,” reads the email shared. “You will receive a notification to inform you of any updates. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.”

The Surface Duo 2 is currently unavailable at the Microsoft Store in specific regions, but it is important to note that getting a unit has always been a challenge for many customers. Microsoft earlier attributed this issue to the component shortage, but it now seems more than that, with Windows Central believing the Redmond company has already decided to end the production of Surface Duo 2. No confirmation was given by the company, but in a response, it said that it is aware of the supply situation and stressed the importance of the Surface Duo device in the Surface portfolio.

“We are aware supply is currently falling short of demand in several markets,” told a Microsoft spokesperson to Windows Central. “While we do not have inventory information to share at present, Surface Duo remains an important part of the Surface portfolio.”

Despite the doubts and fears that the future of Surface Duo 2 might be over, Windows Central claimed to get reassuring information from a source that Microsoft is still dedicated to its Android hardware business and that a “third generation” Surface device is now being developed. If that is to be believed, this Surface Duo 2 shortage is probably just another momentary challenge for Microsoft. And that is not far from possible, especially with earlier news showing Microsoft’s intention to expand its Insider Program to Surface Duo devices, reflecting its future plans for its mobile products. 

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