“Support for Windows Phone as a whole started ending in January” says Microsoft employee

by Surur
February 12, 2018

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We reported recently that the Bing app on Android now directed users to Google Maps, and speculated that Bing Maps may be next on the chopping block at Microsoft.

Today we have another bit of evidence to add to the pile, as it appears Microsoft has withdrawn support for Windows 10 Mobile from their Bing Maps Web Control.

This means if you are one of the rare few who use a Windows Phone and you come across a website with an embedded Bing Map you will only see a blank page.

According to Ricky Brundritt, Senior Program Manager at Bing Map “support for Windows Phone as a whole (not just maps) started ending in January” and  “Windows Phone was removed to align with Windows Phone as a whole no longer being supported by Microsoft.”

As usual, Microsoft has decided not to properly communicate to users, but rather let their actions speak louder than their words and leave messaging to unofficial channels such as Twitter and forum posts.

While there are plenty of reasons for Microsoft not to invest supporting Windows Phone, the rather slipshod behaviour of the Bing Maps team suggests to me that they too may share Windows Phone’s fate soon.

Thanks Wietse for the tip.

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