Studio MDHR says players are ‘guaranteed’ to see more Cuphead in the future


13, 2017

Cuphead took the internet by storm when it was first announced due to its charming graphics emulating those from 1930’s cartoons, and that hype continued after the game’s launch with high praise from fans and sales in excess of one million copies in just two weeks. With all of this success, it’s easy to assume that Studio MDHR would want to continue Cuphead’s journey at some point. Creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer have confirmed just that in an interview with IGN.

When asked if Cuphead was a one-and-done thing, Jared Moldenheaur replied, “Guaranteed you’ll see Cuphead at some point.”

“But as far as what are our plans, what are we distinctly doing next, there’s been zero time to really breathe or think,” Jared added. Chad even noted that the two haven’t discussed Cuphead’s future at length, saying they “would have had two 30-minute chats about the future.”

Saying we are “guaranteed” to see more of Cuphead is rather vague as this could be referencing future DLC or a whole new sequel, but either way, fans have more content to look forward to. As challenging as Cuphead may be, you’re compelled to keep trying until you beat a boss for an immense sense of victory and accomplishment. With its tight gameplay mechanics and popular visuals, whatever is planned for Cuphead’s future is sure to be a success if Studio MDHR plays its cards right.

Source: IGN Unfiltered

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