Stores sell out as Fins brave –27 °C weather to buy Nokia Lumia 800s


It is day 2 of the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 in its home territory, Finland, and esphoneblog reports that sales are going very well, despite the country being in the grip of an amazing cold snap which saw –27 °C (-16 °F) weather.

Yesterday we reported people queuing for 8 hours to buy the phone at midnight openings, and today Elisa Shopit has said some of its 60 stores have sold out of the phone, with the Black model being particularly sought after by corporate-type folk.

Esphoneblog reports that in their own phone store the phone seems to be selling much faster than the launch of the Nokia N8, another Nokia best seller. Hopefully we will see the numbers reflected in some other metrics soon.

Read more at Esphoneblog here.