Deep Silver has begun a deactivation process for stolen Metro Exodus Steam keys.

All of these stolen keys were taken from a factory that housed physical copies of the game’s PC version. They were then sold online by unofficial key resellers.

While Metro Exodus was available on Steam for a short while, it was taken off the store in order to become an Epic Games Store exclusive. While those who pre-ordered the game could still play it on Steam, others had to use Epic’s alternative.

With the game’s Epic Store Exclusivity, Metro Exodus was a popular target for third-party key sellers. With customers wanting the game on their platform of choice, going through an unofficial seller was an obvious workaround.

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Every one of these stolen Steam keys was taken from physical editions printed at a factory.

“We were not aware that they had gotten into the wrong hands,” Deep Silver said in a statement.”The binaries on these keys from the beginning, the community brought it to our attention that the games they had from the reseller were not updating. After an investigation, we have become aware that they were stolen.”

All of Metro Exodus’ stolen Steam keys have now been deactivated. Anyone who purchased one of these stolen codes will have the game removed from their Steam library.

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“The keys being sold on this platform are stolen goods, and are therefore illegal,” Deep Silver stated. “If you have been affected, we strongly recommend you contact the seller who sold you the unlicensed key and demand a refund.”

As Artyom’s third adventure in the Metro video game series, Metro Exodus is certainly a lavish affair. You can find out exactly what we thought about the game in our Metro Exodus review here.