Metro Exodus’ PC version will support pre-loading, but only on Steam.

Coming after the announcement of the game’s pseudo-exclusivity to the Epic Games Store, this is a bizarre situation. While no longer available to purchase on Steam, those who pre-ordered can still play there. This is much to the dismay of Valve.

Those who pre-order Exodus on the Epic Games Store will not be able to pre-load at all. While we expect Exodus to be a rather large game, players will have to wait until launch for any downloading at all.

This was all revealed through a series of tweets on the game’s official Twitter account. “Just to confirm – Metro Exodus pre-load for pre-order customers WILL HAPPEN,” they announced. “We will announce expected start time in due course.”

The tweet was later followed up with, “We regret to inform that pre-load via the Epic Games Store is not planned.”

This is not a good look for Epic. As one of the major spearheads for the service, it hurts to have a disadvantage to the Steam version.

Metro Exodus is also available on PS4 and Xbox One. It is also Xbox One X enhanced.