Steam’s Google page tells players to “F*** Epic Games Store”


19, 2020

It looks like things are rather feisty for Google searchers today as those looking for Valve’s Steam website are being told to “F*** Epic Games Store” instead.

Originally reported by PCGamesN, it would appear that Google has taken a rather big stumble when delivering users their search results.

Instead of displaying the appropriate information regarding the Steam Store landing page, searchers are being instructed to lay with the Epic Games Store. On a side note, that’s something we would not recommend.

The unruly search result only popped up for browsers who searched for “Steam store”; those who searched for just “Steam” were greeted normally.

Google’s offensive messaging was found to be an SEO pull of a Steam user’s game review of Metro Exodus, a previously Epic Games Store exclusive title. While the user, Rommel, scored the game positively, his review consisted of “FUCK EPIC GAMES STORE” and a big ASCII middle finger.

(Credit to Vg24/7 for discovering the cause.)

Despite Epic Store exclusive games making their way over to Steam after their year of exclusivity, it’s clear that some fans are still upset at the fact the they had to wait slightly longer for a game or (heaven forbid) download another launcher.

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